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Super Strike & Slick Shot arcade games

Super Strike and Slick Shot arcade games, being sold as a package deal only, $3000. for the pair. These are absolutely excellent condition and both work just as brand new, they literally appear as if they were home use only and never in an arcade. Super Strike is bowling themed and Slick Shot billiards themed. They are sister machines and quite unique, the eject an actual pool ball for game play and you roll the ball down the playfield that has sensors that track the ball. For Slick Shot you can use the pool cues or just roll it by hand same as Super Strike. Original perfect condition CRT monitors in both, but all lights have LED upgrades. Also both have been upgraded to off site battery holders for high score saves. Both have keyless locks, extra cue balls, and the Super Strike comes with a black cue ball to better represent a bowling ball. Currently set on free-play but they are fully commercial coin-op games so they can be placed on location to earn. 
These games come with free local delivery, and shipping to anywhere in the continental 48 states can be arranged. 
Any questions please just ask.

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