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The Jetson’s

Manufactored by Spooky pinball, and limited to only 100 units. 
This pin is in nearly flawless condition, plays perfectly, and is a very serious collectors item. 
Only mods are the Pop Blast lights for the pop bumpers, but the game comes with the original LED’s as well. It also comes with a new set of interior art blades for future use. Comes with back box keys, and a keyless lock to the coin-door so you never have to worry about lost keys, and have easy access to the controls such as volume. 
The topper is in perfect condition and the little Orbity guy swings back and forth. Fully licensed through Hanna-Barbera. This is a rare chance to buy this unique and super fun collectors pinball machine. 
Price $8500. Any questions please just ask. 

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